Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
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The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt is concerned about Morgan

The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt is concerned about Morgan

Somehow all of that has to come together plus the Sasha/Rosita assassination plot has to unfurl plus we need some further evolution of Eugene's and Dwight's loyalty to the Saviors. This week, McDermitt dives into the 13th episode of season 7, "Bury Me Here".

And with that, Morgan was back.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of The Walking Dead. A frantic run to Carol's (Melissa McBride) cottage was the kid's best chance of survival - but instead he died on her kitchen table, which is profoundly bad, and not just because Carl could have really used a responsible and non-homicidal friend his own age to play with. "Bury me here" a sign next to the empty grave reads. There's no mystery where we're headed, only how long it'll take to get there. "We have to fight", she says while Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is replanting the crops eaten by weevils.

Later in the episode, Richard was killed, as well.

"We do", King Ezekiel responds. "But not today", is a step in the right direction, but I'm wondering why he still seems to hesitate.

But Rick needs more recruits for the all-out war as Jadis and her junkyard group aren't enough to topple Negan.

There are a lot of deaths on television, but we're going in for the saddest on television.

But something that concerns me is seeing Morgan (Lennie James) start to have flashbacks from his "Clear" days. And he wanted to take him down yesterday.

After Morgan confronted Richard about his betrayal, Richard attempted to bring Morgan to his side. Ah yes, this is the moment we have been waiting for!

Just as Richard offers the melon to the Saviors, Morgan pounces on him and beats and strangles him to death in front of everyone. And because Richard was a total coward, he didn't tell his king the truth beforehand about being exclusively responsible for this whole, sordid, tragic mess. Yes, he was a loose cannon. The Kingdom's Benjamin was shot in the leg when a drop meeting between his community and the Saviors went south, ultimately bleeding out while his friends cared for him at Carol's house. If Glenn or Abraham are mentioned, we immediately cry! He just displayed loyalty to the Saviors, smoothed things over between them and the Kingdom, and if we weren't told that the Kingdom was ready to fight after this, it would have been pointless. Extra points for passion and willingness to surrender your life.

In his frantic state, Morgan refers to Benjamin as "Duane", which was his son's name, in an attempt to break every single viewer's heart at the same time. The Grimes gang chose subservience only because the writers knew fans would enjoy watching them rise up later. This dude delights me.

Throughout the episode, Bury Me Here was often riding the line of getting a 6/10 rating and being called a disappointment. A plan that fell apart around him and wasn't all that exciting to watch play out.

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