Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
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The Walking Dead 7.12 - "Say Yes"

The Walking Dead 7.12 -

Back in April 2016, AMC did announce that their American horror drama series, Fear the Walking Dead will be renewed for a third season.

While this episode of the Walking Dead was very Rick and Michonne heavy, Rosita also had emotional screen time. She says now that we saw Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) escape we are finally getting sunshine, unicorns and rainbows.

But with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) seemingly absent from this episode, it is down to Ezekiel to deliver the rousing speeches. Nobody with half a brain should have been fooled by the half-hearted attempt to make us think that Rick had been eaten by zombies.

It's an unusual feeling! Everyone else might, but Rick Grimes just can't, and to try to push that on us so soon after the fake Glenn death is an unreasonable expectation. It was barmy. It was this whole new area, it was magical. At one point the two fall through a roof as they scout an area rife with firearms.

At the end of this week's episode he seemed to have switched teams completely, declaring: "I am Negan". As it can be recalled on the previous episode, Rosita traveled to the Hilltop to meet Sasha, and convinced her to join her take down Negan, on what she calls their "one-way ticket.' But the fans know how unsafe Negan is, so it's surely a thrill on what might happen to the two characters". I like Sasha just fine, but she hasn't hand anything significant to contribute since Abraham died, and Rosita's jerk routine hasn't been interesting since she bullied Eugene into making her a bullet. They may take out a few Saviors but it won't be a big enough number to help Rick and the others in the upcoming war. And then it happens: they proceed to have the cutest gosh-damn zombpocalyptic date ever. The faith in a better future was what prompted Glenn to move forward and find that hope in Rick's words was a great way to keep the character alive through his family of hearts. It's this galvanizing moment. They start looking for it - and find something much, much better. "And I can lose you". But, if you listened to the conversation those men were having, you'd realize they weren't just two random survivors. And whether or not it even happens, even. Tara doesn't know where she is... but she has something to tell Rick. While they didn't have much luck finding guns, they had no problem finding places to be romantic. Not to say that "Say Yes" was a bad episode - I'd be pretty disappointed if at this late stage, they produced something forgettable - but it probably didn't feel as weighty as it should have. But come on, we know that Rick isn't going to die at this point. Rick is no fool. All our favorite "games" were featured in the episode: Whack-a-Walker, Pin The Hatchet On The Walker, Dodgem Walker Cars, and many more. Rosita is mad at everyone because she didn't kill Negan when she (maybe) had the chance.

There's sort of a line around the block now, isn't there?

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Rick and Michonne seem more in sync slaughtering walkers than they do getting it on, but its hard to tell if that's because part of Rick is still brooding, which he confides he is, or that Michonne is slow to let her guard down.

We know Rosita's stupidity will get more people killed in The Walking Dead Season 7.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, the actor said: "He's gonna change and adapt to that situation, which we talked about towards the end of season 6". And whether or not it even happens, even. No matter how much you might want us to think Rick has perished (after an act of supreme stupidity, no less), no one is fooled.

"I think there's a long way to go yet before we are anything like the army that we need to be in order to challenge him or take him down", Lincoln told Variety.

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