Published: Mon, March 06, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

SNL mocks Trump's 'tapping' tweets, turns Sessions into Gump

SNL mocks Trump's 'tapping' tweets, turns Sessions into Gump

When describing her reaction to the claims, she details how she was as "worked up as a double-donged piggy in a room full of sows". The photos ignited a debate about decorum in the White House, and Conway's respect for the office of the president.

"I always say, 'Life is like a box of chocolates, '" Sessions continues to the disinterested stranger. Have you ever been in it?

"She ain't got no legs", McKinnon's attorney general quips in reference to both the photo and the Oscar-winning film, where Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Taylor lost his legs in the war.

"We're about as close as peas and carrots", Sessions continued about Conway.

He continued his monologue, "She's the best talker you ever heard!"

Instead of making a production out of Conway's snafu, they simply incorporated McKinnon - seated with her legs folded underneath her - into several of the show's shots, nearly as an afterthought. "A Senator from up north started asking me all these questions about Russian Federation and if I ever talk to them. And I have a pie that I baked especially for you".

The sketch's payoff, though, comes when SNL guest host Spencer arrives, dressed as her Help character Minny Jackson.

The cold open showed Kate McKinnon's Sessions lounging at a bus stop, telling various commuters about his terrible week where he was forced to address allegations that he, along with several members of President Donald Trump's administration, had secret ties to the Russian Federation government.

Minny was quick to recognize Sessions as the subject of Coretta Scott King's letter opposing Sessions' nomination to be a federal judge in 1986. That was "40 years ago, you still remember that?"

Sitting on a park bench, Session regaled a number of passers-by with the story of how a boy from Alabama ended up in so much hot water.

"I didn't know what to do, so my lawyer said, 'Run, Jeffery, Run, '" said McKinnon's Sessions. I'm from a different movie. The skit turned the embattled attorney general into the naive yet compassionate Forrest Gump character.

"It is", responds Spencer's grinning character.

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