Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Samsung Accidentally Confirms Rumored Digital Assistant Bixby Will Be In Galaxy S8

Samsung Accidentally Confirms Rumored Digital Assistant Bixby Will Be In Galaxy S8

Unlike the previous Galaxy models, which used facial recognition to unlock the device, the Galaxy S8 would be the company's first to employ the same technology to verify payment methods. Perhaps it isn't so surprising that Samsung wants to stand out from the crowd following its whole Note 7 debacle.

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 smartphone will use facial recognition and iris scanning to authorise payments, according to a Bloomberg report.

Facial recognition software and support for Samsung pay: a couple of weeks ago, Samsung got itself in partnership with major banks for India and mobile payment service, Paytm for the launch of its mobile payment service, Samsung pay.

Samsung has already set a very ambitious sales target for its Galaxy S8; the company plans to sell 60 million units for the entire 2017 period. Surely, if Samsung Galaxy S8 is able to produce close to a thousand FPS, then its specification must be better than this.

The paragraph suggests that Bixby and S Voice will both feature in the Galaxy S8 smartphone. According to reports, Samsung's new tablet will be more expensive than its rival, Apple's iPad Pro.

Other rumoured features include a lack of a home button, as seen in the above images, smaller bezels, and Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 chip.

Recent Samsung conferences have kicked off with apologies for the disastrous Note 7, and the Galaxy S8 launch will nearly certainly begin in the same manner.

Business Insider, however, wrote that it's going to be more than just a chance to make up for the Note 7 debacle and keep taking Apple head-on in the flagship phone space.

This facial recognition technology will work in tandem with the 3.7MP Iris camera sensor which will be placed right next to the S8's front facing camera.

The translation of the Samsung Italy page that mentions Bixby suggests that the digital assistant will coexist with S Voice, the voice assistant that is now available in Samsung's Galaxy smartphones. It will also employ more power-efficient organic light-emitting diode technology, people with direct knowledge of the matter have said.

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