Published: Mon, March 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Runaway bus kills 34 in Haiti

Runaway bus kills 34 in Haiti

Gonaives, a city in northern Haiti, is seen in May 2016.

A bus driver has killed 34 people after ploughing into pedestrians while trying to speed away from a fatal accident in Haiti.

The bus hit two pedestrians, killing one, before plowing into a group of musicians.

On Sunday morning, a bus crashed into a parade in the city, killing at least 34 people and injuring 17.

Rara parades are groupings of musicians playing traditional instruments who are often joined by passers-by.

Jean Bazlais Bornelus, the local police chief told Reuters that the passengers have since been released from police custody and that the driver has fled.

Emergency workers transported the injured to the hospital, while police tried to control a baying mob that gathered at the scene.

"The people who were not victims of the accident tried to burn the bus with the passengers inside", said Faustin Joseph, a coordinator at the civic protection office in the Artibonite region.

Onlookers then began attacking the driver and passengers of the bus once the vehicle came to a stop.

In a statement Haitian President Jovenel Moise "expressed his deep sadness following the awful accident".

Haitian roads are slipshod management and risky, with few rules observed by pedestrians, drivers and motorcyclists.

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