Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
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Protesters wave confederate flag outside of NCAA basketball games

Protesters wave confederate flag outside of NCAA basketball games

A Confederate flag was hoisted up a flagpole attached to a auto near two NCAA tournament games in SC on Sunday, just two years after the state was permitted to host the sporting events thanks to the flag's removal from state grounds.

Later, other protesters arrived to wave Confederate flags at street level.

Some guys in pickup trucks are flying their own Confederate flag outside the tournament venue in Greenville as some sort of protest over their right to celebrate a 19th-century fight to keep black people enslaved. Other areas are under the city's jurisdiction, and the NCAA backed the city's efforts to manage actions concerning freedom of speech.

According to WYFF, the group wanted to send a message to the NCAA as well as state lawmakers.

GREENVILLE, S.C. - The Confederate flag caused a controversy during an NCAA tournament in SC.

Yet, there a small band of Confederate dunces gathered Sunday, divisive emblem raised high above their heads and said parking facility, seemingly dissatisfied with their symbolic political victory and presumably not sated by South Carolina's actual upset win over Duke.

Johnathan Bragg, a police information officer for the Greenville police department, told SB Nation that no arrests were made in connection with the flag protests. The NCAA originally placed the games in Greensboro, North Carolina. That's why this event is being held in our state right now.

"The NCAA is proud and excited to host championships in the state of SC once again", the NCAA's Dan Gavitt said in an emailed release.

But it removed them from the state over its HB2 bill, which limits protections offered to LGBT people and relocating to Greenville.

Tickets remain for regionals at the NCAA's seven other regional sites.

The decision to remove the flag followed a 2015 targeted shooting at a historically black Charleston church that left nine black worshippers dead.

We see what you did here, NCAA.

Roof was convicted of multiple murder counts and sentenced to death.

He also says that every person who flies the confederate flag, should not be blamed or associated with what Dylan Roof did.

Some basketball fans said the Confederate flag shouldn't be there.

Incident: Protesters said they wanted to make their presence known to the NCAA.

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