Published: Sun, March 05, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Overwatch's New Character Is A Robot Named Orisa

Orisa is a former OR15 unit, actually the one that is pictured in the tweet embedded in the wall, according to her origin story video. Just glad we didn't have to wait almost as long as we did with Sombra? "With the anticipated reveal of a new character to the roster this week, many hoped that this would be the official realization of Crews" rallying.

In addition to the barrier, Orisa can use Fortify to avoid crowd-control effects.

Finally, Kaplan explained why Orisa was created. Their interview with Efi Oladele hinted at what many assumed would have something to do with the next Overwatch hero. Instead, it's the fact that the kit combined makes Orisa a formidable utility hero that's an incredible all-rounder. I will get behind Orisa. So it seems like she'll be another big, slow firehose of damage trying to keep her sights trained on more nimble characters as they bounce around. Even with the minor movement speed reduction when firing, it feels a more than fair tradeoff for a weapon with such potency. Her alternate fire is basically a mini version of Zarya's Graviton Surge.

Following what felt like a promotional campaign that constantly teased the Doomfist character, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed in February that the "24 [th character] is not who you think it is". This can be a valuable ability for grouping enemies and keeping the other team off the point.

We've compiled her full list of abilities below, which may receive some tweaking ahead of her introduction to PC public servers and consoles. There's also the "Forify" ability which reduces incoming damage and a nifty "Halt!" ability that pulls enemies. What other heroes would you like to see added to Overwatch? Fortify against it. Suspect McCree is about to stun you? The buff lasts a few seconds, and the cooldown is eight seconds. We just didn't know where to look. Orisa has a drum-like appendage on her back that, when fully charged up, she can throw down onto the ground.

Orisa has a wide range of abilities as a tank, all of which are laid out on her hero page on the Overwatch website. It not only allows you to run and gun, but ensures you can reposition, flank or protect a teammate trying to retreat without having to be next to them.

Orisa, the newest playable hero in Overwatch, is playable right now on the PTR. Do I want a stronger, immobile shield, or a weaker, mobile shield? These new OR15s were deployed for a short time before they were destroyed in an attack by Doomfist. This means that an offensive Reinhardt is completely viable, as he can move his team forward behind him. Why take Winston when his Barrier Projector is not only inferior, but he brings a great less utility in the process? Wonder if it has the mettle to stand up against the likes of D.Va's Self-Destruct?

The teasers leading to the announcement of Orisa was met with appreciation by Overwatch players, especially after the long and complicated ARG that Blizzard utilized to unveil Sombra. Her main attack is a Fusion Driver, which has decent range and accuracy. That alone would be a good start in ensuring she isn't always first pick material. We were not best pleased, let me tell you.

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