Published: Thu, March 09, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

March 8: A Day without Women

On Wednesday, March 8, women from 30 different countries who can afford to take a day off from work are expected to go on strike for "A Day Without a Woman".

She said: "This day belongs to all of us - men and women - as we strive to bring about change".

She didn't have exact numbers on how many women may be participating in the movement in Philadelphia, which included protests, marches, lobbying legislators, and more subtle participation-through calling out of work.

Tomorrow, the activists behind January's Women's March on Washington are organizing a nationwide economic show of solidarity called A Day Without A Woman.

Women are on strike across the nation today in a mass demonstration aimed at illustrating their often overlooked contributions to society and the economy.

NBC told their staff that if they are passionate about the cause, they can take a personal day to participate in the March 8 events.

However, or wherever, you're marking International Women's Day we'd like you to share your experiences, messages, photographs and videos with us. Those participating are encouraged to take off from paid or unpaid work, shop exclusively at small, women or minority-owned businesses, and wear red-which is the official color of the movement.

Some parents say they support teachers who are taking the day off to make a point. But every International Women's Day, the same inquisitive/pointed questions get asked again and again, especially on Twitter.

The U.S. strike follows a strike action in Poland in October, when women stopped working to protest a strict proposed abortion law in the country. The hope is to drive women and men to work together towards a better, more inclusive and gender equal world. This one that reminds women to always support other women: 6. Showing up for that, especially at a time when Trump has deemed the media "the enemy of the American people", feels like a more effective protest than sitting the day out.

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