Published: Sun, March 12, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

How to use Messenger Day, Facebook's new Snapchat-like feature

How to use Messenger Day, Facebook's new Snapchat-like feature

On Thursday, Facebook launched Messenger Day, a new feature that lets people share live video and photo slideshows. Videos can be about 15 seconds in length and pictures around six seconds, all of which will remain for 24 hours before disappearing. "And, the other option is 'custom, ' in which case you can choose exactly who you want to see it", Martinazzi continued. "And 2. It's about where I want to take my day, like "I'm bored and I want to go out for coffee" or "I want to go see a movie" so I'm going to use a frame, take a photo, and see which of my friends are going to engage with me to actually make that plan, because planning is one of the core capabilities of a messaging app". Snapchat had it first, then Instagram got it, then WhatsApp, and now Messenger.

Posts added to Messenger Day are shown in a banner at the top of the app's "Home" tab.

Looking similar to Snapchat's old look for Discover, small cards will now sit at the top of the Messenger inbox indicating when friends or family has shared a new "Day" status, or to see viewer statistics on their own updates.

Facebook's stable of apps gives it multiple lines of defense against Snap, and it's clearly not afraid to use all of its resources to keep its users engaged. Image: Henry T. Casey / Tom's Guide. For example, I could modify the "Feeling Special" overlay to read "Feeling Excited for the weekend!" so my message comes through loud and clear.

"The people who see it is kind of up to you". It went straight to work trying to copy Snapchat after it rebuffed its $3 billion offer in 2013.

Most of the Snapchat users I know wouldn't consider switching to Messenger Day, because it doesn't offer anything close to the animated dog-face filter or the others that make your skin look nicer.

The new feature is called Messenger Day, and if it sounds a lot like Snapchat, it's because it basically is Snapchat. As BuzzFeed News reported in last month, Snap has been falling behind Instagram in time spent per user on Android devices after leading it in the category prior to Instagram's introduction of Stories. But without that, this clone will be incomplete for many. And the "Who's up for?" filters are geared toward getting people together IRL.

After updating the Facebook Messenger app, the camera icon at the bottom of the screen will turn into a Sun marking the arrival of the feature.

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