Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Foldable smartphone prototypes produced this summer — Samsung Galaxy X

Just one step away from producing it, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display will collaborate to give the world a foldable smartphone prototype in the third quarter of 2017.

It is believed that the mass production will begin in 2018, considering that the prototypes get introduced in Q3 this year.

The "iPhone Edition" is expected to be released in September with Samsung predicted to unveil their foldable device a few days earlier in Berlin at the IFA show.

However, this event was historically reserved for the launch of a new Note product.

Samsung's foldable smartphone has been rumored since forever. A foldable display handset like this will most definitely be taking advantage of Samsung's Super AMOLED panel, but information regarding its insides are very scarce. Although its goal was to provide prototypes of this smartphone in [the] first quarter, it has delayed timing as it has invested more time into raising [the] quality of the entire product.

Samsung Electronics is devoting itself into manufacturing foldable Smartphone with luxurious design and high-quality that fit image of current Samsung brand. Another reason behind the production of prototype is to analyse the market reception. Apparently, the company is said to be already working on a new "foldable handset" model with an OLED display that will be more powerful than the said flagship phones. Several thousand units will be made and seeded to major partners including carriers.

Samsung has been teasing its foldable display technology for years.

It appears that Samsung is not the only company that has been rumored to be working on foldable display smartphone prototypes.

Though the idea of foldable smartphones is something to look forward to and will surely garner a lot of attention, the constant delay has put the excitement at rest. The Seoul-based company allegedly wanted to produce thousands of prototypes by the end of the first quarter of the year but chose to postpone its ambitions in order to secure enough time and resources to improve the overall quality of its experimental product.

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