Published: Thu, March 09, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Donald Trump met and 'warmly greeted' the Russian ambassador during the campaign

Donald Trump met and 'warmly greeted' the Russian ambassador during the campaign

Donald Trump has been grilled for months about his ties to Russia, all the while steadfastly denying he had any contact with Russian officials during the U.S. election.

Trump met Kislyak during a VIP reception April 27 at the Mayflower Hotel shortly before a foreign policy address, according to a report at the time in the Wall Street Journal.

Later, The New York Times joined the posse with similarly, uh, incomplete reporting.

As Mr Kislyak himself said in November, taking questions at a Stanford University dinner: "I personally have been working in the United States for so long that I know nearly everybody".

In addition to former national security adviser Michael Flynn - who resigned after it came to light that he deceived Vice President Mike Pence about his involvement with Russian Federation - other Trump aides including adviser Jack Kingston, campaign chair Paul Manafort, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have been ousted for their sketchy past and present ties to Russian Federation.

All three men met with Mr Kislyak when they were campaigning on behalf of Mr Trump in the lead-up to last year's election.

Think Progress published a photo of Kislyak sitting front row for the speech.

Trump's denials have been unequivocal.

"Russia is a ruse".

'I have nothing to do with Russian Federation. How will he make it through a year? We call on the Minnesota delegation, particularly Republican members Tom Emmer and Jason Lewis - a newcomer who promised during the election to be an independent voice - to publicly support such an appointment. A knot, because Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn't live in a bubble as a senator.

The continuing swirl of questions about Russia and whether any Trump campaign officials had contacts with Russian officials continues to be a major political distraction for the White House, Republican strategist John Feehery said.

The White House is downplaying reports that then-candidate Donald Trump met the Russian ambassador to the United States at a 2016 campaign event, just before Trump delivered a speech that called for "an easing of tensions" with Russia. In addition to the Russian ambassador, then-Sen.

69 percent of Democrats think there was Russian influence.

Clinton's missing 30,000 e-mails were never released by WikiLeaks even though it dumped other Democrats' e-mails onto its site in the weeks preceding the election, Crudele noted. That was the right move, though we believe he still should, under oath, give the Judiciary Committee a full account of his encounters with Kislyak, and his staffers at the second meeting should do the same.

That seems like the only way we can move past this Russian consumed phase of the Trump administration and focus on many of today's pressing issues. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also has denied "absolutely" that a wiretap was ordered for Trump Tower. Before that characterised the treatment he was receiving at the hands of American intelligence as being like "Nazi Germany".

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