Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Capcom Announces Bundle of Remastered NES-Era Disney Games

Capcom Announces Bundle of Remastered NES-Era Disney Games

Capcom has announced it will be bringing a handful of its retro games based on the series from Disney's beloved late '80s-early '90s afternoon lineup to modern systems.

Old school Disney classics Duck Tales, TaleSpin, Chip N Dale and Darkwing Duck return in the Disney Afternoon Collection.

DuckTales 2 - The sequel to the original game comes jam-packed with more action and an even bigger caper set in new locations like the Bermuda Triangle and Niagara Falls!

Darkwing Duck - Take control of the witty superhero Darkwing Duck and fight crime in St. Canard.

TaleSpin - Players take control of Baloo in this shoot 'em up and take to the skies. Additionally, the games feature a Boss Rush mode where players can skip directly to boss battles; the rewind feature also does not work with this. Boss Rush mode does as you'd expect and challenges players with onslaught of consecutive boss encounters. Finally, you can browse an in-game Disney Museum with "a wealth of content to celebrate the era of the original releases, such as concept art, advertisements, character art, and music-all preserved in their original glory", the publisher said. The games have been restored from their original NES versions and updated to support 1080p resolutions along with some new gameplay modes. To accommodate newcomers a "Rewind" feature is also being added that 'does a Sands of Time' and provides swift resurrection from any perilous missteps.

A word of caution: the first five titles in the Disney Afternoon Collection are NES platformers, and the final one is a side-scrolling shooter from the same era.

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