Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
Medical | By Garry George

California man forced from vehicle with fire hose, fatally shot by police

California man forced from vehicle with fire hose, fatally shot by police

The freakish incident started around 11:15 the city of Orange when police tried to stop the man's white GMC minivan for a traffic violation, a spokesman with Orange Police said.

A man armed with a knife who had barricaded himself in his vehicle was fatally shot Sunday night in Orange following a freaky standoff with police and firefighters. The suspect had pulled out a knife, Lopez said. He rolled down his window, and officers commanded him to exit the vehicle, but he refused, Lopez said.

In the video, the man was partially blocked from view by another vehicle after he climbed out and struggled with officers.

"At that point, we don't know if we have a guy attempting suicide or attempting to blow up his van".

The 33-year-old driver "produced a gas can and a lighter and barricaded himself" in the van, according to Thorsen, who said a license plate check showed an arrest warrant had been issued for the registered owner of the vehicle. "He actually at one point showed us the lighter and that he had something incendiary", Lopez told the Daily News. The man crawled out the driver's side window and officers opened fire.

The man is seen fleeing to the back of the vehicle to seek refuge, but the hose follows him.

Officers used hoses to blast the vehicle with water. The suspect jumped out the front as the police shouted "knife, knife" and then gunshots were fired.

Lt. Fred Lopez says officers were concerned the man was going to light himself on fire. He was transported to a hospital where he later died.

The man was not immediately identified but authorities said he had a criminal record that included weapons and drugs violations.

The shooting is being investigated by the Orange County district attorney's office.

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