Published: Wed, March 08, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Bay Area Startup 3-D Prints House In A Day

Bay Area Startup 3-D Prints House In A Day

San Francisco-based Apis Cor reported on its blog that on a cold day last December it (and a number of its partners) built an entire 400 square foot house with its custom printer and it only cost $10,000.

The tiny house was reinforced with fiberglass and painted the painted a mustard yellow.

More than 70 per cent of usual construction costs were saved: labour being one.

From start to finish, the homes cost $10,000 to complete - a sliver of the price of some tiny homes that can go for anywhere between $40-50,000. A finished test house that the company built with a partner in Russian Federation is "cozy and comfortable" and includes "a hall, a bathroom, a living room and a compact functional kitchen with the most modern appliances from Samsung company", Apis Cor's blog boasts. The home is created to last for up to 175 years, and to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The company hopes to change the way people think about construction, and ultimately help create better living conditions world-wide.

According to their website and Mashable, their "goal is to become the biggest worldwide construction company to solve problems of accommodation around the globe".

A new house has been erected in a town outside Moscow, but this home was not built in the traditional sense - it was constructed with 3D printing.

Prior 3D-printed structures have included an apartment building and villa in China and an office building in Dubai. reports that a Chinese company printed a two-story home onsite in 45 days. Imagine the many shapes, sizes and designs that houses could take in the future with this technology.

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