Published: Tue, February 14, 2017
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'The Walking Dead' recap - 'Rock in the Road'

Executive producer Greg Nicotero wasn't giving up any spoilers either when he told Entertainment Weekly, "We've teased this mysterious stranger that was at the lake and followed them back to Alexandria, so we don't know much about that group". Father Gabriel calmly walked through the community after leaving his post, only to send supplies crashing down in the pantry before frantically packing them into a auto. Only his trusted confidantes, and Morgan, and Carol, and Jesus and now Rick and the gang, know that he gives the Saviors supplies.

There is an explosion, to which Rosita affirms it was caused by the explosive she didn't like the look of. We all know what coward he is. "The hell you telling me for?" " was worth the wait (as was Jesus' "oh yeah, I forgot to mention the tiger")". Under their thumb? Killing your people?' "We are the ones who live", Michonne exclaimed.

As the group walked out of Gregory's house, Enid led them to a small group who agreed to fight with them. In their pursuit of ever-more-dire circumstances to strand their heroes in and increasingly evil foes for them to face off with, they've now written themselves into a hole that there just doesn't seem to be any narratively satisfying way to climb out of.

It was a tearful embrace when Daryl hugged Rick as the two leaders are together again and now they must focus their efforts on surviving while Negan and the Saviors threaten their very existence. "Get that hatchet handy Rick, you're going to need it if he shows up here and it won't turn out the way it did for your boy", Simon said. All three of our communities have something in common.

"Join us in fighting the saviors, for freedom for all of us".

So we return back to Alexandria with a decent amount of explosives.

We see in members of the Kingdom what happened at the Hilltop, people want to get involved. We can't forget this one. WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THIS EPISODE?Let me know, and I'll see you all next week. "Do you want to leave, just turn our backs?" While they don't have the numbers yet, the group did come across a string of explosives from the Saviors that could help them in their future fight.

Back before the show went on its winter hiatus, the group reunited, resolving to destroy Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. Or should they just keep to their pacts with Negan because it works?

'We have people and weapons. We just witnessed the first stages of the coming conflict.

Who are those people?

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Jason Douglas as Tobin. Ezekiel revealed he needed some time to weigh up the offer before making a definite decision about it.

King Ezekiel built a kingdom that he's proud of.

'She asked why I carry food and water in case I run into people, ' Benjamin said. 'You saw their eyes. But maybe we are being a bit harsh, he DID let Maggie and Sasha stay there, and has lied to Negan's men, but he's going to have to do a lot more before he's remotely likable.

They obviously are well-trained and aren't like the other communities. And if they do, somehow, they will have saved us and we won't have done a thing'. "It's very safe to say that now that the guys are back together, he's pretty much decided that he's not gonna take it anymore..."

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