Published: Sun, February 12, 2017
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Jamie Dornan of 'Fifty Shades' shaves his head

Jamie Dornan of 'Fifty Shades' shaves his head

Fifty Shades Darker, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, has raked in approximately $22.4 million at the global box office. He starts off as one character during the first third of the film but once Christian has made himself a part of Ana's life again he changes, nearly transforms one might say into a different person. The outlet drags Jamie Dornan for absolute blood, filth, bone and slander, calling his depiction of Christian Grey "ridiculous" and other less-than-complimentary phrases. "Fifty Shades Darker" isn't going to win a bunch of awards.

"There are some things out there that are really grimy and nasty, and then there are really attractive, intricate and chic toys", she elaborated.

That is something in very short supply in this movie.

Entertainment Weekly says, "Poor Dornan still isn't given much to work with, except this time, his abs are a little more defined and he's grown some stubble to show just how heartbroken he's been without Ana in his life". The moniker Mrs. Robinson came from Ana when she found out the duo had a relationship back then.

Vanity Fair had this to say: "You won't believe just how dumb the dialogue is in Fifty Shades Darker, and, yes, that's even if you've seen the first one".

But Ana and Christian have other problems to deal with. Sure, James and screenwriter Niall Leonard seem to suggest, Christian Grey is super controlling. That's exactly what audiences will get with "Fifty Shades Darker", twists, turns, answers and plenty of tension and wardrobe changes.

The actress was catapulted to superstardom when she landed the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, and has gone on to nab parts in Black Mass and A Bigger Splash.

A recap of the last one: Ana was the virginal student who fell into the clutches of the bondage-obsessed billionaire Christian Grey.

The long answer is also no, but "Darker" does at least earn a few points for trying.

The New York Post was particularly harsh, with reviewer Kyle Smith writing: "There must be 50 films I'd rather cover".

Johnson and Dornan remain an attractive and physically compatible couple, but even with the switch of directors, the sex scenes are still a lot less kinky (and the characters a lot less dynamic) than the subject matter suggests.

The first sex scene comes after Christian and Ana, newly back together, go grocery shopping and make dinner.

Jamie Dornan recently revealed there was a rise in pregnancies following the Fifty Shades of Grey hit flick.

Emotional abuse victim Emma Tofi, who received the book as a present from her mother, cried herself to sleep after reading the first chapter.

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