Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
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How to win back your bonus in the online casinos

How to win back your bonus in the online casinos

Online casinos often lure customers with a variety of bonuses, which benefits we can discuss for hours like our favorite game book of ra.

At first, the player receives the opportunity to operate the larger amount of money.

Secondly, the player can extend the joy from the game.

Thirdly, the player raises the level of excitement and emotion, because bonuses give us an opportunity to achieve the limits which you never dreamed of if you only had a deposit on your hands.

What casino receives from this generous offer?

At first glance, it seems that there is no benefit for a casino, except for the permanent retention of customers and increasing number of players. That is why, to avoid significant financial losses, the online casino creates special conditions for the withdrawal of bonus money. And even though in every gambling establishment these conditions, in particular, the size of rates may be different, their principle is the same for all online casinos.

How to take the bonus?

To take away his bonus the player needs to make a certain number of bets. The required amount of bets is called wager.

The amount of wager depends on a size of your bonus. Different online casinos offer different conditions for its calculation but usually wager equal to the value of the bonus, multiplied by 10, 20 or 30. Before you start the game in a particular online casino, carefully read the wagering requirements in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise later.

Example: The online casino offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit and thus the requirement for a wager in this place is 10. You gave $ 100 and, thus, received $ 200 for the expenses. Before you withdraw the bonus you need to play it ten times, that is $ 100 (the bonus amount) should be multiplied by 10 (wagering requirement) – we receive $ 1,000. It is the size of the total amount of all bets that you have to put in this online casino to withdraw your bonus.


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