Published: Mon, February 06, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Bhopal 'tomb-maker' Udayan says he also killed parents

Bhopal 'tomb-maker' Udayan says he also killed parents

Sounds like fiction. But no, It is a gruesome high profile murder which came to light, when police digged out the body of a 28-year-old girl who went missing from West Bengal six month ago, from the residence of her live in partner. After continuing their "relationship" over internet for ten years, they reportedly made a decision to live together and Akansha left her parents and her home town in West Bengal to live with Uday.

A joint police team of Bhopal and West Bengal police will now take him to Raipur to verify the details. The two met on a social networking site.

He also owns a flat in Raipur that is rented out for Rs 7,000 per month and a ground floor flat at Sakat Nagar here that brings Rs 5,000 as rent to him, they said. Akanksha was not his only victim. Deceased's parents didn't reach here and her brother and uncle were present during her last ritual. The father of the girl Devendra Sharma who worked as a chief manager at the bank filed a complaint on January 3. About his parents, initially, he misled police but finally, he told that he has killed his parents. Later, the couple entered into a relationship, got married, and moved to Bhopal. "We have registered a case of murder at the TT Nagar police station". He then broke the box and covered the slab with marble stone.

According to Raipur police, the 32-year-old accused murdered his parents probably in 2010. Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Hitesh Choudhary said that Bhopal police was curious about the whereabouts of Udayan's father V K Das, who retired from BHEL in the year 1998, and mother Indrani, who was a government employee earlier in MP and after division of state into Chhattisgarh. Police exhumed body two days ago. Her last rites were performed at Bhopal itself as the body was too decomposed.

"During interrogation, Udayan confessed that he had killed his father and mother in Raipur in 2012".

Police think he is clearly mentally deranged, or else he would have at least tried to get rid of the rope.

Das was the only child of his parents and used to live with them at Raipur. "He is being taken to Raipur for further investigation", Bhopal (south) SP Siddharth Bahuguna told reporters here.

Udayan told investigators that he was influenced by an English serial "Walking Dead" which he loved to watch and enact, police said.

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