Published: Mon, February 06, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

'Baahubali' Harish Rawat holds Uttarakhand as Modi watches in amazement

'Baahubali' Harish Rawat holds Uttarakhand as Modi watches in amazement

It highlights the different attractions of the state and then shows morphed images of the Bhartiya Janata Party chief, Amit Shah in complete astonishment as the Congress representative flexes his muscles and lifts a rock shaped like Uttarakhand. Besides this, the party promises to set up Chief Minister office in Gairsain, where the chief minister will work for one week every month. Drawing parallels with the Congress government, Jaitley said, "The Congress-led government has never been able to take "tough" decisions for the betterment of the country". It is a power packed day for Uttarakhand elections on Sunday, Congress leader Ambika Soni and CM Rawat would also address public rallies in various parts of the state.

For women, the manifesto promises free pressure-cookers and gas stoves (to every household) along with subsidies for purchasing gas cylinders.

The manifesto was released by chief minister Harish Rawat who said the document unveils a clear roadmap for the development of the state on indexes like halting migration from hills caused by a lack of jobs, economic empowerment of women and creation of basic infrastructure.

The party also promised to give interest-free crop loans to farmers.

The Congress also intends to connect every village in the state with a motorable road and establish model villages in every district.

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