Published: Sun, February 05, 2017
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Apple Accused of Breaking FaceTime to Force Users Into iOS Upgrade

Apple Accused of Breaking FaceTime to Force Users Into iOS Upgrade

The problem? Some older devices, like any iPhone 4 still in use in 2014, couldn't handle the upgrade. Unless the plaintiffs have evidence that clearly shows Apple intentionally broke FaceTime in iOS 6 with the intent to force users into iOS 7-like a memo explicitly stating that-this case may have a hard time getting off the ground.

After the decision of "Apple" company to stop signing the iOS 10.2.2 Firmware, the "Apple" users will have a serious problem after they update to the latest iOS 10.2.1 Firmware and the only solution is to downgrade the iOS. This connected a device directly to another one through the call. The second one was a "relay method" which used Akamai's servers to relay the same data. The latter method accounted for a report 5 percent to 10 percent of FaceTime calls at first. The company had lost a lawsuit filed by VirnetX that found Apple guilty of infringing on VirnetX's patents and Apple was fined $368USD million.

Apple is facing another lawsuit concerning its FaceTime app, according to documents uploaded by Apple Insider.

Apple might have broken this feature for iOS 6 intentionally because iOS altered the way the calls from this feature works. VirnetX licenses patents to technology companies, and one of those patents covers peer-to-peer audio and video transfer; Apple used peer-to-peer transfer to power FaceTime. Apple lost a patent infringement case against VirnetX, and a judge ruled past year that Apple had to pay $302.4 million in damages. The move to render FaceTime useless in iOS 6, according to the lawsuit, was primarily driven by Apple wanting to avoid paying increasingly high data costs to Akamai.

A lawsuit filed in California on Thursday claims that Apple purposefully broke Facetime on iOS 6 in order not to pay data charges from server company Akamai. Despite the fact that it is a real concern for people with iOS 6 and that it should be fixed, Apple did not make an official announcement.

Avid jailbreak users no longer need to worry about limited storage space for installing tweaks on their iOS 10.2 jailbroken iPhone or iPad, as they can resolve this issue easily by just installing a simple stashing package from CoolStar. "I understand we did something in April around iOS 6 to reduce relay utilization", an Apple engineering manager said in an email.

With the launch of iOS 7, FaceTime changed in such a way that it reduced server load.

As what the lawsuit says, it was the intention of Apple to turn off the app. "We broke iOS 6, and the only way to get FaceTime working again is to upgrade to iOS 7". That might sound like pennies for Apple, but execs were not happy about having to foot a bill that would continue to increase as more iOS customers used FaceTime.

The class-action lawsuit claims Apple violated unfair competition law in California and that it committed "trespass to chattels", a legal wrong of intentionally interfering with stuff someone else owns.

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