Published: Mon, January 09, 2017
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UP Assembly Elections 2017: BSP announces second list of 100 more candidates

UP Assembly Elections 2017: BSP announces second list of 100 more candidates

Ms Mayawati released the fourth list following a high-level meeting with the party's senior leaders including the zonal coordinators and other coordinators here at the state party headquarters for the past two days.

Out of 403, the BSP has announced its 401 candidates for the 2017 assembly polls and according to Mayawati, the upper caste candidates are still the largest block of the candidates with 111 tickets given to them.

And in an obvious reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said Dalits would not be lured merely by taking the name of Bhim Rao Ambedkar and merely announcing schemes in his name.

Analysts say that Muslim voters, who have traditionally favoured the Samajwadi Party, may look for other alternatives in the current political circumstances.

The BSP chief said that she had decided the candidates long ago and there will be no change in it but the list will be released later. She has fielded 28 per cent from the upper castes, 24 per cent Muslims, 21 per cent Dalits and 26 per cent OBCs.

The remaining two seats on which the candidates have not yet been announced are of the Sonbhadra constituency and once the Election Commission declares that whether the seats are general or reserved then the party will go ahead announce the candidates on those seats.

As the Uttar Pradesh Elections approach the war of words between the political parties seems to be heating up. Of the 113 tickets earmarked for forward castes, Brahmins will get 66, Kshatriyas 36, and Kayasthas, Vaishyas and Punjabi 11, she had said.

She further said that voters should not cast their ballot in favour of the Samajwadi Party, which is dealing with a bitter family feud, as doing so would benefit the BJP.

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