Published: Thu, January 05, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Suspects net $6M in New Year's Eve jewelry heist

Suspects net $6M in New Year's Eve jewelry heist

Police are trying to identify the suspects in the jewelry heist - identified simple as three men.

"We don't know what happened.we just found out a few hours ago", an unnamed Lacka Safe manager told New York Daily News.

Police state that the crime was "100% planned" to coincide with the festivities, as they struck at 12.01am.

They made off with around $6 million in gems and are still at large, police sources were quoted as saying.

Gregg Ruth specializes in colored diamonds and imported stones, such as rare diamonds used for settings that sell for up to $150,000 a piece.

One of the suspects did not wear a face mask and looked directly into the camera before the men smashed it with a hammer upon entering the store (see above photo).

When they noticed they were being taped, one of them smashed the camera.

"The safes were opened".

The thieves stuffed rings, diamonds, necklaces, and an 18k gold bracelet, among other items, into backpacks before fleeing down a sixth-floor stairwell.

Since the break-in, a security guard has been keeping watch at the entrance to the building who had not been present before, according to the Post.

'How would somebody know to come here?

"It definitely seems like an inside job".

Another person that works in the building said, "It's a black eye for their company".

A police source was quoted as saying the owner is out of the country in India.

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