Published: Fri, January 27, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

'Resident Evil 7' Day One patch comes with new trophies, DLC support

'Resident Evil 7' Day One patch comes with new trophies, DLC support

Resident Evil 7 is now finally out- and Capcom's newest entry in their long running survival horror series eschews the more action oriented nature of the more recent instalments in the series, instead opting to return to the franchise's horror roots.

Daughters: See what the Baker family was like before the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard.

If you're powering through it and are already craving more carnage, the Banned Footage Vol.1 DLC drops for PS4 at the end of January and the second volume hits PS4 on Valentine's day.

The first tape is called "Bedroom", where players will need to figure out how to escape from a locked room. The title even allows Playstation gamers to experience the whole game in VR with the Playstation VR headset.

About a week before the release of Resident Evil 7, spoilers for the game began flooding the Internet, with one piece of information revealing that the survival-horror title from Capcom could be beaten in about 10 hours.

Capcom also took the time to give out the details on the second expansion mode, "Banned Footage Vol. 2", which will arrive on the PS4 on February 14, and on other platforms on February 21.

Nightmare Scenario: Fend off waves of enemies and survive until morning. The said mode is entirely different story of the main game and is not supported on PlayStation VR. It means that if you buy the game on one platform, you get it for free on the other. Gamers can also pick up the game's season pass for $30 to get extra content. The same DLC will be releasing on the PC and Xbox One on February 21.

21 Scenario: Gamble life and limb in a deadly game run by Lucas Baker.

"Banned Footage Volume 2" features the mode called "Jack's 55th Birthday" and is available starting February 14.

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