Published: Thu, January 05, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Odell Beckham Jr. signs jersey for surprised kid

Then, star players Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz spent the following day soaking up the Miami sun while hanging out on a boat with Trey Songz before making the journey back home.

Giants players and head coach Ben McAdoo agreed with Beckham's stance, and Favre pointed out that not all players are the same in their game prep. "Just because obviously they didn't pack accordingly".

If you want a completely unbiased viewpoint, my words are waiting for you. He should also give his teammates more credit, that's a pretty quick turnaround for a trip before they have to prepare to face off against the Packers in the postseason.

Next time, they'll have to give him an invite.

That in and of itself isn't a awful thing so long as the receivers didn't partake, but you can bet they'll be getting a "surprise" drug test from the National Football League in short order. Manning said more things. "We will see them tomorrow morning". The players broke no team rules, missed no team meetings, and incurred no team discipline.

The New York Giants have a huge game coming up on Sunday in the NFC Wild Card Round against the Green Bay Packers. You can hear the talk radio guys now: "Don't they know they have a playoff game in a week?"

It's the ability to take what might be a troublesome situation and calmly make it go away.

"I was telling people I was the one who took the picture", he said, "that they wouldn't let me in with my shirt off". Early on in your career you think you know that, but until you get into your later years you just don't know if you'll get that opportunity again.

With less than a week to go until the start of the National Football League playoffs, some New York Giants players are getting ready for their upcoming game a bit differently than most other teams.

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