Published: Thu, January 05, 2017
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NCAA Championship: Alabama-Clemson Matchup Most Expensive Ticket Yet

NCAA Championship: Alabama-Clemson Matchup Most Expensive Ticket Yet

While this year's ticket price is a high-water mark for the College Football Playoff era, they're relatively in line with the cost of national championship games for the now-retired "Bowl Championship Series", or BCS. Watson's not going to be able to run the football all night, so Gallman's ability to scratch yards against the 'Bama front seven will be crucial.

Clemson had 11 tackles for loss, including three sacks, against Ohio State.

"They do a good job leading their offense and making plays. I apologize for that, and I shook hands with him after the game". "You can't let your mind take over your body".

Of course, that was probably exactly the reaction Wilkins was looking for. It will be a rematch of last year's title game, which Alabama won 45-40. Still, playing a few mind games - from encroaching on Ohio State's huddle at one point to the grab of Samuel - falls well within Wilkins' wheelhouse.

"I feel like we have more juice" than when the Tigers faced Alabama a season ago, Swinney said Tuesday.

Tim Williams, Ryan Anderson and Rashaan Evans have joined the sole returning starter at linebacker - Reuben Foster - to continue the excellent play the position group is known for. "I mean, when you look at the way last season played out for us and them, and then you look at the way that this year played out between us and them - it seems like someone upstairs is on our side", offensive lineman Jay Guillermo said. "The game is 90 percent mental".

The Esso Club is getting ready for more crowds to watch the national championship game on big screens again this year. For Alabama, words aren't necessary. The fact that it's Alabama, and they are who they are.

Nov 26 2016 Tuscaloosa AL USA Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts scrambles up the field against the Auburn Tigers during the fourth quarter at Bryant Denny Stadium. Alabama defeated the Auburn Tigers 30-12. Mandatory Credit John David
NCAA Championship: Alabama-Clemson Matchup Most Expensive Ticket Yet

"Intimidation factors come from brands, and they're the brand right now in college football", Clemson center Jay Guillermo said.

"They're very excited", teammate and fellow receiver Artavis Scott said. For Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, it is another opportunity to beat his beloved alma mater and snap a title drought for the Tigers that stretches back more than three decades.

While Clemson has managed to overcome turnovers all year, any giveaways against Alabama could be costly - especially if this defense finds a way to score once again or use a turnover to flip field position.

Almost a year after playing Watson on Alabama's scout team prior to last year's national championship game, Hurts has put up solid numbers of his own.

So perhaps the mind games are a wash this time.

Entering this week's matchup, the Crimson Tide is better in every major defensive category than a year ago. "He's a good coach and he has brought this team so far and I think we are going to win it". "But we know Alabama isn't a pushover". Alabama defense scoring a touchdown - we haven't seen that at all this season, huh?

He made it clear during a teleconference on Tuesday that Watson's only part of what makes Clemson such a hard team to prepare for. I would definitely expect some better numbers going forward beginning next season.

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