Published: Tue, January 17, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Muslims welcome Lindsay Lohan to Islam

Hollywood actress Lohan yet again, in the media limelight after her Instagram bio says "Alaikum salam" triggering speculations that she has converted to Islam.

Lohan said she was allegedly attacked by paparazzi in 2015 when she was seen holding a Quran given to her by close friends from London and Saudi Arabia.

"For me it happened when I turned 30 and realised there is more in giving back in life - that is what will make you truly happy". She told The Sun newspaper: "I'm a very spiritual person and I'm really open to learning. And this is my belief, if this is something I want to learn then this is my personal will, it's not for you to express", she said during an interview with Turkish TV channel Haber Turk.

'It opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning. "This is who I am", Lohan told media.

But while the rest of the world tries to figure out the reason she deleted all her Insta posts, we here at Scoop Empire have come up with our very own Arab reasons.

It's unclear if Lohan has officially converted to the religion, although it " s known she has been practicing the faith for the last couple of years.

In of her most recent posts on her Facebook page - an interview with CNN - Lohan talked of her visits to refugee camps in Turkey and how she was greeted in UAE, which is "going to be home", and how "strong women" are appreciated in the emirate. A lot of them are also asking Allah to guide Lohan in her journey with the religion.

Ms. Lohan added that studying Islam is a choice for her to make freely.

Lohan spent time in October of previous year visiting child refugees who had fled Syria and crossed over into Turkey.

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