Published: Sun, January 15, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

In Unprecedented Move, Sen. Cory Booker to Testify Against Jeff Sessions

In Unprecedented Move, Sen. Cory Booker to Testify Against Jeff Sessions

Cory Booker found that out earlier this week when he testified against fellow senator, Jeff Sessions - a man supremely unqualified to pursue equal justice under the law for all citizens - at his confirmation hearing for the cabinet post of attorney general of the United States.

Connecticut's senior U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal says he will vote against President-Elect Donald Trump's choice for Attorney General.

Rice, an Alabama native herself, wrote a letter of appreciation to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) about Sessions, and CNN reports that she said Sessions, a "friend", is someone she admired "greatly".

Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders, said "Senator Sessions has not done justice as a U. S. Attorney, an Alabama Attorney General or U. S. Senator".

Schumer is not the only Senator who has gone on the record opposing Sessions.

"The handful of people who might be even less equipped than Jeff Sessions to dispense justice on behalf of the American people typically spend their weekends wearing pointy hats and burning crosses", the political action committee's statement read. He told senators at his confirmation hearings he would stand up to Trump on issues, including saying he's against any outright ban on immigration by Muslims. And in his own testimony Tuesday, Sessions said he would protect these rights.

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Sessions remained calm, and repeatedly spoke about the "painful" past allegations of racism that have been long defending his record.

"It was an embarrassment on the part of Senator Booker", Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said.

The ACLU said it is taking the extraordinary step of testifying at the hearing because Sessions' record raises significant, serious questions about his hostility to civil rights and civil liberties.

In a prepared opening statement, Sessions said he understands "the history of civil rights and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our African-American brothers and sisters". There are forces that want to take us back to another place. Republicans control the Senate by a narrow margin, and Sessions will likely have enough support to be approved.

Sen. Sessions needs 51 votes to be confirmed.

At the first Senate hearings, Sessions projected himself as a strong protector of law and order as he outlined his priorities into the suitability of Trump's nominees.

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