Published: Fri, January 13, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Google Maps now lets you hail an Uber without leaving the app

Google is kicking off the new year with an update for Google Maps.

It's unclear if you can hail rides from Lyft and competing services in-app, or if it's only showing ETA and price estimates for the time being, since Google's announcement only mentions its integration with Uber. If you're logged into your Uber account, you can simply request a ride, track your driver and connect with them from the app. The latest version of Google Maps on Android allows you to book, complete and pay for an Uber ride directly from Google Maps. You just sign in with your Uber account info, which pulls up your stored payment info and other details.

Google has also tweaked the look of the ride-sharing sheet in the update, moving it to the bottom of the page and creating separate tabs for Uber and Lyft. You can find restaurants, see reviews, look at pictures and get walking distances.

Meanwhile, Google Maps has gained deep Uber integration. Now, the entire request process takes place directly in Google Maps.

Users have full functionality including booking a ride, tracking your driver on a map, and connecting with them without needing the official app installed on your device. "When you open ride services mode, instead of a long list of ride service providers and ride options, you'll see the map you know and love, along with a carousel of ride service providers in your area".

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