Published: Sat, January 07, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Anya Taylor-Joy On New Mutants: Nothing Is Confirmed, Nothing Is Real

There's reason to believe James McAvoy will return as Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Professor X. Fox is expanding the X-Men universe with The New Mutants.

When we asked her if she hoped to reunite with her Split co-star James McAvoy as Professor X, she replied, "I mean, I think James is already a part of it, isn't he?". Since then, though, its been fairly quiet on that front, but today we got the chance to speak to delightful actress (and recent BAFTA Rising Star Award nominee) Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) at the Split junket, where she not only confirmed seeing the pre-viz but seemed to hint that wheels are indeed turning rapidly for a 2017 start date.

"I mean, I think James is already a part of it, isn't he?" she teased to Coming Soon, causing people to wonder whether it was an accidental reveal.

Which new character are you excited to see premiere in "The New Mutants"? . Majority center on casting choices, like Maisie Williams announcing her interest in playing Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane in the movie back in April of 2016.

The movie is rumoured to be set around the current time period in the X-Men franchise, and is said to be looking at a Spring 2018 release date.

Given Taylor-Joy's response, it looks like McAvoy's return to New Mutants might be pretty much a done deal. A demon bear doesn't quite fit with the grounded world of earlier X-Men films, nor does it sit well considering the grittier, more serious tone of Logan.

I saw (the animation of the Demon Bear), it is cool.

Anya Taylor Joy has been rumored to star as Magik in New Mutants and her latest comments won't do anything to dispel that notion. Ahead of the film's release on January 20, Universal Pictures has dropped the first three clips from the movie, where we get to see the X-Men: Apocalypse actor display two of those personalities: Hedwig and Patricia. I can't say very much, but I would love to be a part of it. I cannot say too much, but I would love to be part of it. I think this year is going to be exciting. But it is not yet rumors, like Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane, Nat Wolff in the Cannonball and Sunspot and the presence of Mirage as other team members.

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