Published: Sun, December 04, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Will make black cash Jan Dhan: PM

I will exit with my little belongings: Modi. His trusted lieutenant and the BJP's national president, Amit Shah, had described the prime minister's promise on black money as an election jumla. "Is it a crime to fight corruption which is at the root cause of all ills prevailing in the country for the past 70 years?"

He said he had no vested interest and nothing to afraid of losing.

This queue is the last queue to end all queues, says Modi.

People, he said, were cribbing about long queues outside banks and ATMs and reminded "them there was a time when people would line up for buying oil and food". "Why are some people calling me a wrong doer for fighting corruption", Modi said addressing a rally here. "I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into Jan Dhan accounts of the poor", said Modi. Some people are now going and touching the feet of the poor and are asking them to deposit. "If they threaten you tell them, "I will write a letter to Modi"," he said.

"You, the people are my high command and no one else". He is not a hermit.

"When the bombshell came, everybody wanted to know how Jaitley could keep the secret so well. They are now queuing up outside the houses of the poor to misuse their Jan Dhan accounts", he said.

"I am surprised that in my own country some people are accusing me".

"The corrupt are not being able to go to banks and deposit their ill-gotten wealth. Is it a sin that those who were the looting country were now being made accountable?"

The Prime Minister appealed, especially the youth to help make India a cashless economy.

Earlier, touching the issue of development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a call to rid the country of poverty by developing larger states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra.

Giving reasons for the shortage of new currency notes, PM Modi said,"I don't want to govern like the previous Government, who printed the currency and was grabbed by the corrupt". But more than 1,000 villages in Moradabad don't even have access to electricity. "Many Governments came to power and made announcements, but this Government believes in transparent public spending", Modi said. "They were forced to live in the 18th century", he said.

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