Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

White Nationalist Leader to Speak Tonight at Texas A&M

White Nationalist Leader to Speak Tonight at Texas A&M

"America, at the end of the day, belongs to the white men".

College leadership at Texas A&M say they do not endorse Spencer's ideas and he will visit the college against their wishes but because A&M is a public university, authorities can not prevent him from coming on to campus, CNN reports.

The fault lines dividing America cracked open Tuesday night in the form of a pointless argument between opposing groups of young men on the campus of Texas A&M University.

"If you're a purveyor of hate and divisiveness, and you want to spread that kind of racism, then this is the last campus you should want to come to", Sharp told the audience.

"Our core values at Texas A&M is mutual respect".

To protest his presence, students and non-students alike staged a peaceful protest outside the university's student center and on Kyle Field, where people chanted and gave speeches about unity. Protesters have pledged to act peacefully and attend the college-sponsored event that will take place at the same time as Spencer's speech.

"I think it's a very interesting thing to say", Williams told me afterward.

Elsewhere on campus, protesters are expected to demonstrate in an effort to drown out Spencer's vitriolic message.

"Trump was the first step toward white identity politics in the United States".

"The undue amount of attention given to Richard Spencer and his message was and is troubling to me", he said. "Some people here - they're all about, "Love trumps hate" and that's good and al, l but it's not just love that's going to trump hate and trump fascism". "I think the reaction to Trump being elected, and the reaction with the alt-right being popular, is a reaction to it declining as a white nation". The event, for which free tickets were distributed in advance, was billed as "Aggies United ... for students, faculty, staff and community supporters to stand together, unwavering in our conviction that we are strongest when united".

"You take a look at the people here and you see 19- to 23-year-old young individuals, a lot of them white".

Some people compare the Alt-right movement to white supremacy.

Amy Smith, vice president of marketing at Texas A&M, said the school does not support Spencer's views.

One person dressed as a clown walked in front of Spencer on the stage while holding a sign that said, "He's the real bozo". Before the student center was cleared, many students inside were studying or chatting with friends. A local white nationalist, Preston Wiginton, rented the room, and the school said it didn't have the right to deny him due to his message.

Although it is regrettable that neo-Nazis will be allowed to speak on A&M's campus, it is encouraging to know that they will be met with massive and energetic opposition.

"I never expected anything like this", Wiginton said.

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