Published: Tue, December 27, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

What to do with your Amazon boxes

Fill the box with stuff you don't want.

Amazon's platform called the Give Back Box allows Amazon customers to donate items they no longer need to Goodwill and clear their house of all their Amazon boxes.

Send Your Box: Let UPS or the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) deliver your box of donations to Goodwill for you.

The program announced its partnership with Amazon on December 14. The donations go to the nearest participating Goodwill location. So, your donation will be directly benefiting those in your community, which is probably good for a few extra karma points.

All the presents have been unwrapped, paper and bags put away, but what about all those empty boxes? Now there's something useful (and kind-hearted) you can do with those boxes. Revenues are used to help fund community-based programs, including job training, employment placement services and support services such as financial education and transportation, according to the Give Back Box website.

The Give Back Box program is not new.

Online retailer Amazon ships out millions of cardboard boxes each holiday season and even more throughout the year.

Despite the fact that the Give Back Box program was born thanks to the partnership between Goodwill and Amazon, online shoppers are encouraged to use any cardboard boxes they have cluttering the home - not just Amazon boxes. Also, of course and most importantly, you are helping those served by Goodwill who do not have so much.

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