Published: Sun, December 04, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Washington presidential elector joins anti-Trump movement

Washington presidential elector joins anti-Trump movement

On Wednesday, Levi Guerra confirmed in a press conference held at the state capitol at Olympia that she will join the "Hamilton electors".

Behind the overt anti-Trump push is a covert agenda: If the courts establish that individual electors can switch allegiances, supporting candidates other than those who win their states, it would inject so much uncertainty into the process that states may be willing to junk the Electoral College in favor of a popular-vote victor.

Guerra says she promised her community that she'd do anything to ensure Trump does not become president and worries what kind of example Trump would set for her generation.

The goal of the group is to convince Republican and Democratic Electoral College voters to unify behind a Republican alternative for President or force an Electoral College deadlock.

"I feel that it is my duty to cast my vote against Trump", said Guerra. But he said the group has secured a commitment from one unnamed Republican, and is in talks with four others that have expressed interest. According to the Guardian, Guerra will cast what is in effect a protest vote directed at Trump, rather than following the Electoral College norm of voting for Clinton.

PennLive spoke to an elector said she received 18,000 emails, 130 letters and postcards and numerous phone calls after her address and phone number was released.

In the presidential election, Clinton won Washington state by 53 percent votes to Trump's 37 percent. He threw out names including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Ohio Governor John Kasich and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Nelson said the 38 electors didn't know who would be the party's nominee at the time they were elected, but he said he is fully committed to casting his ballot for Donald Trump in December.

Note, in their hypothetical scenario of bringing Trump's total below 270, the decision would go to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which would likely support the Republican president-elect.

State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, a member of Trump's campaign team in Washington, dismissed the effort by Chiafalo and Guerra.

"I think that those people should get together with Jill Stein and go hand-count ballots in MI", said the Republican from Ferndale, referring to the Green Party candidate's ongoing recount efforts. Doug Ericksen, rebuked the Electoral College dissenters, calling the effort "irrelevant" and its supporters within the electoral system "a very small fringe element". "But we do believe there's a very real path to this happening". In Washington State, electors face a fine of $1,000 for not representing their states' votes.

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