Published: Thu, December 01, 2016
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Virgin Media V6 4K Ultra HD Box Gets Official

Virgin Media V6 4K Ultra HD Box Gets Official

Unlike the older TiVo boxes, however, it's much smaller and lighter, and runs faster too - up to 10 times faster, according to Virgin Media.

The box is powered by TiVo software and reportedly built for apps. Virgin also says that you'll be able to stream "selected recordings" from the box to a mobile or tablet.

The box also sports a smart and quick menu, familiar to existing Virgin Media customers, as well as a new remote. The 14 inch device that runs on Android OS (Marshmallow) and is created to provide the same experience close up as enjoyed on a larger 50 inch TV.

Virgin Media has revealed its new TV box that can support ultra-high definition and record up to six TV programmes at once.

David Bouchier, Virgin Media's chief digital entertainment officer, said the new box was a "game-changer".

Recordings, on demand programmes and live TV can be watched in one room, paused and continued in another room seamlessly on an additional box or accessed on a mobile device with Virgin Media's TV Anywhere app.

The set-top has been developed for use by Liberty Global companies across Europe and in Latin America, and the United Kingdom is the first market to launch it.

The V6, as you would expect, supports 4K out-the-box and will be further enhanced with HDR compatibility via a firmware update next year as more content becomes available.

Virgin Media did not say what makes the tablet tick, but you do get 32GB of storage, with the MicroSD card slot there if you need more storage for your movies and TV shows.

The new set-top box - which Virgin claims is half the size of its latest TiVo box - supports an array of apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

The app can be locked to act as a "walled garden", Bouchier said, meaning kids can't leave the app and play around with features on the rest of device. There is a one-off fee of £99.95 and it's available for customers on Mix bundles or higher. Additionally, the RF remote is said to work even when set-top is in stored in a cupboard.

New features to the V6 box include the ability to record a total of six programmes, whilst also watching a seventh show on TV or a streaming service like Netflix. Launching in February next year, it will allow kids to stream or download their favourite shows. Content has been tailored to be age-appropriate to that audience, and is ad and purchase free. The Virgin TV Anywhere app is pre-loaded.

While the idea of a TV-based store that delivers a TV through the post isn't new - Sky already offers such a service - the eyecatcher was the TellyTablet. It will be possible to buy the TellyTablet with a mobile bundle to spread the cost over 24 months, or to pay £299 in one go.

It'll be available to existing customers from December, new customers from January 2017.

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