Published: Sat, December 17, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Twitter to Keep Vine App Alive as 'Vine Camera'

Twitter to Keep Vine App Alive as 'Vine Camera'

Given Twitter's main priority is, well, building Twitter, it's unsurprising that Vine Camera will be all about sharing on that platform rather than a standalone service. Here's what's coming: in January, we're transitioning the Vine app to a pared-down Vine Camera. It still does the core function, letting you take 6.5 second looping videos (a half second longer!) while also being able to post or save them right to your phone.

Existing Vine videos can be downloaded through the Vine app or the Vine website, and all Vines will continue to be available on the site.

The current Vine website, meanwhile, will be retained as an archive (or a shrine, if you want to get emotional about it).

In October, Twitter announced it was shutting down Vine, its app that let users create and share 6-second looping videos. However, the exact contents of that archive will depend on which you use. You can still download the Vine app from the link below. But if you do it through the app, only the Vine itself is saved, nothing else. Either way, though, there's no way to save any VMs or comments, unfortunately. The social feed component of Vine will die and Twitter will create "a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter".

If Twitter is able to keep Vine alive this way, it could potentially try to integrate Periscope's live-streams as well. Followers on Vine will be prompted with your Twitter persona.

Readers: What are your thoughts on the transition from Vine to Vine Camera?

Users also started seeing new tools such as loop counts, a way to import and edit videos, push notifications, 720p high-definition video support, ability to remix sound and music into vines, and much more.

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