Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump is Time magazine's Person of the Year

Donald Trump has beaten Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage and Beyonce to be named Time Magazine's Person Of The Year. "I consider this a very, very great honor", Trump said.

Although the magazine featured Trump - or a melting version of his face - several times on its cover, the magazine passed on naming him "Person of the Year" in 2015.

The magazine invites readers to vote on who they think has earned the title, but the final decision is made by editors.

During the interview Mr Trump also said companies should welcome his actions because they will prosper under his administration, one day after Boeing Co's shares took a hit when he used Twitter to criticise one of its high-profile projects.

Trump has certainly affected the news in a big and mixed way for huge amounts of people as he won the election and became President-elect of the United States.

The magazine wrote that the U.S. was divided on whether Trump had influenced 2016 "better or worse". We're going to do a lot of great things.

The magazine's managing editor, Nancy Gibbs, said on the programme that Democrat Hillary Clinton was the No. 2 finalist.

"It's not about revenge", Trump told NBC.

Time magazine names US President-elect Trump Person of the Year was posted in World of TheNews International - on December 07, 2016 and was last updated on December 07, 2016. TIME declared Clinton their runner-up, and she was also the top pick among TODAY viewers.

The No.3 finalized for the Person of the Year was "The Hackers", which Gibbs said referred to "a new cyber security threat we saw this year of state-sponsored hackers looking to delegitimize an American election".

"The year 2016 was the year of his rise; 2017 will be the year of his rule, and like all newly elected leaders, he has a chance to fulfill promises and defy expectations".

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