Published: Sat, December 03, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

This is How Astronauts Will Be Celebrating Thanksgiving

The crew marked Thanksgiving by undertaking the then-longest space walk, spending six and a half hours bouncing around like their own Macy's parade balloons while replacing the film in solar study cameras and repairing an earth-sensing instrument.

It appears that, just like some of us earthlings, astronauts aboard the ISS are planning to have a quite traditional Thanksgiving day, complete with a turkey dinner and sides and live football.

NASA astronaut and station commander Shane Kimbrough will serve as the holiday chef. The bags containing mashed potatoes and, of course, cornbread dressing have to be rehydrated -they need water- before they are hit up to be ready to eat. This year, two American astronauts are on board the International Space Station (ISS) together with three Russian cosmonauts and one French astronaut. Still, space residents do the best they can preparing a special menu, inviting their foreign companions to dine with them, and even treating themselves to some football piped in from mission control.

In the video, Dunbar explained to the chancellor and Ben O'Neil, a food scientist at the Space Food Research Facility, how astronauts choose - and eat - meals while in a weightless environment.

Ever wondered what astronauts have for Thanksgiving dinner? As NPR reported, he cast an absentee ballot in the USA presidential election from space, thanks to a Texas law that allows astronauts to vote in Houston.

While the two astronauts will work through the day Thursday (unlike many Americans who have the day off), they're still planning to have a big meal with their four other global crewmembers that evening. "Our food is a little bit different", he said of the pouches. We can't have a Thanksgiving meal without some green beans.

Kimbrough, from Atlanta, said he can't go without the southern staple.

Cherry-blueberry cobbler: "So that's going to be awesome". That said, according to a released statement, however, they will be sharing the tradition with their French and Russian colleagues. "In our case, we have sweet tea with lemon in this drink packet".

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