Published: Thu, December 01, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Patagonia donating its $10M in Black Friday sales to charity

On Monday, the company confirmed that all $10 million will go to grassroots environmental organizations, increasing their total giving by more than 13 percent in a single day. Every penny of that enormous amount will be going to organizations that address "climate change and other serious environmental issues".

But Patagonia has made a decision to forgo any profits this year and instead donate 100 percent of the money it brings in on this one day (through both its stores and website) to grassroots environmental organizations working on conservation issues related to climate change and soil, water, and air quality. The double-digit millions raised in Patagonia's so-called "fundraiser for the Earth" hauled in more than five times the money the company anticipated, no doubt helped by a certain President Elect's insistence that climate change is a hoax and the news that the EPA might not make it through the next four years of American government.

"And that was a large part of Patagonia's effort on Black Friday was really heightening the awareness and commitment to the roll of the private sector in driving impact for the environment. On behalf of these activists and every Patagonia employee, we extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers, friends and community worldwide who showed up to #loveourplanet".

"I've always felt guilty about making consumer things".

Today is Giving Tuesday and Patagonia is the gift that keeps on giving. "If you don't need it, don't buy it".

Patagonia, along with hundreds of U.S. companies including Nike, Gap, Starbucks, The North Face and eBay, have warned that pulling out of the Paris Agreement would "put American prosperity at risk".

For example, REI, a competitor retail chain, chose to skip Black Friday entirely

Just before Thanksgiving, the company pledged to give away the sales it brought in on one of its biggest shopping days of the year.

"The science is telling us loud and clear: We have a problem", the November 28 post continued.

"We're humbled to report the response was beyond expectations. Environmental values are something we all embrace".

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