Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Google and Slack deepen partnership in the face of Microsoft Teams

Google and Slack deepen partnership in the face of Microsoft Teams

The two companies, well aware of this, have chose to team up to offer an even deeper integration of Google Cloud within Slack, so come along after the jump for a rundown of what's coming...

Slack is preparing itself for battle with the recently-announced Microsoft Teams, which could overtake the messaging giant among more traditional enterprise IT teams.

With the new integrations, Slack is bringing the Google Drive permission process into Slack, adding in-channel preview displays, connecting the new Google Team Drives to channels and creating new bots to manage notifications and comments.

The announcement comes as Slack faces competition from Microsoft and Facebook which have launched rival products. It goes along with Slack's continuing embrace of bots as a key part of the chat service's vision of productivity.

The workplace collaboration platform said the latest tie-up is a continuation of a long established alliance - Google Docs and Drive were among the earliest Slack integrations and remain among the most popular, with some 60,000 Drive files imported in Slack every weekday.

Going forward, you'll also be able to preview Google Docs within Slack. "Now those notifications will arrive where you're already working - inside Slack, via the Google Drive bot".

As for the new Team Drives integration, Slack says it's enabling channels to be synced with Team Drive, which will help admins keep content and conversations in sync. New and existing Slack customers will get access to this capability, the post said, which could improve user manageability and make it easier to provision new accounts.

G Suite administrators will also be getting the ability to provision Slack directly from the G Suite admin console.

In addition, Google and Slack are working together to give users access to previews of Google Docs that they share in Slack, so it's possible for people to see inside a file at a glance without having to open it. If the settings don't match, users will be asked to modify them.

Plus, Slack will also now remove some of the "peskier permission-checking" duties from your life by ensuring any Google Drive files you share are accessible to the right people.

Google and Slack are partnering to bring deeper integrations between the two brands and new features for users in early 2017.

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