Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Foreign Secretary highlights Pakistan's nuclear security efforts at IAEA conference

Foreign Secretary highlights Pakistan's nuclear security efforts at IAEA conference

They also pledged to continue taking active steps to combat illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive material, to protect and secure such material to ensure it could not be used by non-state actors in criminal or terrorist acts, and to continue efforts on their territories to prepare for recovering such material in case it has fallen out of regulatory control, taking into account relevant global instruments.

It said Pakistan's nuclear security arrangements have been recognized at the worldwide level by several high-ranking officials and experts.

In his speech Msgr.

Dr. Al Hammadi expressed the hope that the Conference discussions would crystallize worldwide convictions and cooperation to promote the nuclear security, and give a strong boost to joint global action in other areas to realize peace, security, economic well-being for all peoples, QNA reported.

In no way downplaying the "serious technical and diplomatic challenges" represented by threats to nuclear security, Msgr. Camilleri conveyed the issue's significant importance to the Holy See, explaining how the root causes that encourage nuclear weapons can not be ignored.

Within the framework of the Ministerial segment, the participants adopted a declaration on nuclear security.

India on Monday said it will evolve technology against nuclear terrorism, not only for "physical protection" but also against cyber attacks.

"Nuclear terrorists" can strike anywhere, the head of the United Nations atomic watchdog warned Monday at the start of a week-long ministerial conference on preventing misuse of radioactive materials and attacks on facilities.

On both issues, it must be recalled that although the responsibility for maintaining effective nuclear security of all nuclear and radioactive material within a State rests primarily with that State, cooperation between States is essential as so many threats to nuclear security do not respect borders and are facilitated by the political instability and crises that sadly plague numerous parts of our world. As Pope Francis has said, "The security of our own future depends on guaranteeing the peaceful security of others, for if peace, security and stability are not established globally, they will not be enjoyed at all".

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