Published: Thu, December 01, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Facebook adds free games like 'Pac-Man' to Messenger app

With this very big step, Facebook has taken the first step to finally make Messenger a more fun and social hangout destination for users.

Pac-Man is one of the games will be available from today.

On Messenger, Instant Games can be accessed through a new game controller icon just below where users typically type a message.

"We were shocked by how successful this was and how people really enjoyed not only playing games on Messenger but also challenging their friends".

Launched on Tuesday, the new Instant Games platform is an HTML5-based gaming platform that eradicates the need to download the recent Facebook Gameroom app.

The platform is a closed beta right now and has got hold of 17 games under the name. People can also discover games within the Messenger search field, or on Facebook News Feed where they can play solo or challenge friends back in Messenger. The game opens up within the dimensions of the conversation box and you can continue to play and chat there. Messenger created this awesome new feature that allows friends to play games within their chat box. "We have always been among the first to support new platforms so that we can offer the most enjoyable games on the most exciting platforms".

If you want a quick rematch, simply tap "Play Now" to launch the game again.

With its messaging app, Facebook is partly playing catch-up to Asian messaging services such as Tencent Corp.'s WeChat, which act as sticky one-stop shops for entertainment and online services like payments.

Put simply: Any developer putting their game inside of Facebook won't make any money from those users.

Presently this facility is available on latest versions of Android and iOS in 30 countries, Gamespot noted.

Facebook is starting with a small number of games, which will all be free at launch.

Let's take a look at five such interesting games you can play on Facebook's Messenger app. Imagine interactive graphs alongside news stories, memes that play out like little games so as to mask extremist points of views, and other fun things. In case you do get a spike in notifications, you can mute threads on Messenger or hide posts on your Facebook news feed.

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