Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Ex-Jonathan aide Omokri attacks Soyinka over his green card

Ex-Jonathan aide Omokri attacks Soyinka over his green card

Professor Wole Soyinka, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature has not kept his anger and ultimate frustration on the election of Donald Trump quiet.

Not long ago, Soyinka informed his students he would and "tear up" his green card and "start packing" should Trump win.

Many commentators accused Soyinka of being disconnected from the plight of Nigeria's 180 million citizens, many of whom dream of the comforts of United States life with its educational and economic opportunities, reliable electricity and freedoms.

Soyinka, who spoke in Lagos on Monday, explained that the funeral is not to mourn with the citizens of the United States over their choice of president but to mourn the death of Nigeria's common sense. "And when I say I have done something, I did it", he said. I never took orders from (the late) Sani Abacha, why should I take orders from you? Finally my department head and president said to me, look, you should get a green card. Maybe I should be exiting Nigeria and not the US. He simply said "exit takes different form, you can exit internally or externally, it is possible I can exit into the autonomous republic of Egba, but certainly something must give way".

"Trump is not really my problem". The arrogance of some Nigerians is overwhelming.

He also lashed out at Nigerians for querying his decision to tear his Green Card following the victory of Trump at the polls. I am addressing those illiterates people who feel that they have to make themselves heard and have to express opinion about everything, whether it concerns them or not and resort to vulgar abuse and insult simply because they are scared just because one person is saying I have had enough of the state. "I am embarrassed sometimes that I occupy the same nation space with some people". You want to see evidence of anything; I will take you to Ogun shrine on which I will place the evidence because Ogun is my guiding principle.

"It is a significant decision on my part in response to the stupid melodrama".

"I'm going to move the residency of my foundation out of the country".

The playwright, who said he might consider WOLEXIT 2 - a word he coined on his planned exit of the USA - added that he would relocate the residency of the Soyinka Foundation outside Nigeria.

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