Published: Fri, December 02, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Britain promises close ties with Poland after EU exit

Britain promises close ties with Poland after EU exit

May has repeatedly said, she remains committed to Europe despite voters deciding to withdraw from the European Union, a process the British premier has said she will formally begin by the end of March.

May called for closer ties with key ally Poland on Monday as part of an worldwide charm offensive before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

While stressing that the issue was a priority for Poland after Brexit, she said: "Of course, these guarantees would need to be reciprocal".

Britain confirmed it would send 150 troops to Poland in April as part of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation deployment to provide reassurance amid concerns about Russian military activities.

"Obviously negotiations can't start until we've triggered Article 50 (to launch divorce talks) which won't be until next year, but there is dialogue between the prime minister and other world leaders as you have seen only yesterday", he said, referring to a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo.

May has vowed to trigger Article 50, the legal process for Brexit, by the end of March and while formal negotiations on the UK's divorce settlement with Brussels can not begin until that time, the Prime Minister is keen to hold informal talks with European leaders to gauge their views.

The rights of Polish citizens in Britain will be the "most important matter" for its government in the Brexit talks, Theresa May has warned, as she confirmed plans to deploy British troops to Poland.

"I firmly believe that if we all approach Brexit in the same constructive and positive manner, then we can secure the right outcome for the United Kingdom and for our European neighbours too".

May pledged improved relations with Poland after Brexit and said the two countries will work to forge links in defense, law enforcement, science and education.

Ms Szydlo said, "Brexit will be an interesting experience for all the member states, but that's in the future", insisting talks could not begin until the Article 50 notice was triggered next year.

"One thing is certain: millions of UK citizens living across the European Union, and millions of EU-27 citizens living in the United Kingdom, should not be made to feel like hostages", she wrote.

Mrs May is under pressure to guarantee the rights of more than 800,000 Poles living in the UK.

"We must recognize increasing Russian assertiveness, and I think it's important we work together to deal with that", May said.

Mrs May said the two countries have "agreed to build on that solid basis of economic cooperation with new initiatives to support small business".

Signalling that Donald Trump's election will not change her foreign stances, she said that the Government was opposed to relaxing sanctions on Russian Federation and bombing of civilians in Syria was unacceptable.

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