Published: Sat, December 03, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

BMW Is Reportedly Revamping Slow-Selling i3 Electric Vehicle for 2017

BMW Is Reportedly Revamping Slow-Selling i3 Electric Vehicle for 2017

For BMW's i3, the automaker seems to have taken some prevailing critique into consideration and have come up with changes accordingly.

With all the companies jumping to make their electric cars of the future, it's nearly a golden period for electric cars. The updated model will sport practical and cosmetic improvements.

Welt reports that BMW is planning the 2017 launch of the redesigned i3. If the BMW i3 refresh plans to compete with the likes of Tesla Model 3, then the price will be considerably slashed -- despite radical enhancements.

The new auto is said by company insiders to feature a reworked front and rear, along with a new battery which will increase range "noticeably" from the current limit of 180 miles.

Although there is no word on exactly how much further one will be able to drive, the difference will be quite evident, the sources predict.

Along with the styling tweaks and technical upgrades, the i3's colour palette will also be added to, offering more variations and customisation.

It is thought that the 2018 BMW i3 is going to offer a high capacity battery that will allow it to travel more than 300 km. However, the company apparently wants to expand its all-electric i3 line, a model that is relatively within financial reach to most consumers. The BMW i3 now offers a maximum driving range of 300Km. However, BMW has recently shown its tendency to stick with the "i" generation models as it represents the future of the war with companies like Tesla. Since its release, around 55,000 units have been sold worldwide, as compared to the around 1.8 million BMW-badge vehicles sold each year.

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