Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Apple blames external damage for flaming China iPhones

Apple blames external damage for flaming China iPhones

Report of the users is read all over the official Support Communities of Apple wherein many are already considering a warranty exchange. The employee will check for iPhone 6s shutdown problem to verify if your Smartphone is eligible for the free battery replacement.

Apple Inc. was again in news for the wrong reasons and this time for the series of iPhone 6 battery fires that were reported in a Chinese consumer protection report that immediately caught media attention and social media buzz altogether. Well, about four days ago YouTuber SuperSaf (and probably others) made a video about his iPhone 6s battery causing his phone to shut down while in use even while there appeared to be battery life left and what to do about it. Based on complaints from Chinese consumer groups, Apple had initiated a fix program through which the iPhone 6s battery was replaced by the company.

Things are not going well for iPhone 7 as users are recently complaining about freezing issues and the Phone app crashing when it is used with the Bluetooth Headset.

This week, Apple also revealed the details behind a technical glitch that saw some iPhone 6s handsets shutting down unexpectedly. Instead, Apple says external physical damage led to the so-called "thermal events".

It continued: "We treat safety as a top priority and have found no cause for concern with these products". As phone's continue the battle to become slimmer the jack prevents them from being thinner than 3.5mm whilst no headphone jack also increase the battery power slightly.

Once verified, a new iPhone 6S battery will be ordered, which will take a week to arrive.

So either our rumor mongers have gotten themselves confused between iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8, or Apple may be about to launch a whole bunch of devices next year.

The company stresses that the issue poses no safety risk to users. Even though most reports about the Phone app freezing are centered on iPhone 7, there are also those reporting the same issue on the older iPhone 6S and even iPhone 5S.

Neither Chinese media nor consumers seem pleased with Apple's explanations so far.

However, it came to light that several other iPhone models- iPhone 5 (2012), 5S (2013), iPhone 6 & 6 Plus (2014), iPhone 6S Plus (2015) and iPhone SE (2016) - too were facing similar issues, but Apple chose to maintain a stony silence in terms of these devices.

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