Published: Wed, December 07, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Amazon testing cashier-free retail store

The new "Just Walk Out Shopping" will impact on job numbers, 850,000 cashiers work in grocery stores across the U.S. today.

Once patrons have everything they need, they simply exit the store.

Amazon has since started opening pick-up centres, where shoppers can collect their Web purchases.

3 Hold the phone to a scanning device that works like a turnstile and it registers that you have entered the store. If a person changes his or her mind on a product, all the customer has to do is put it back on the shelf and the item gets automatically taken off the cart on the app.

7 No checkout cashier is needed. Shortly after leaving the store, your Amazon account is charged and you're emailed your receipt.

As of now, the Amazon Go app is only available to employees in beta and there is a single 1,800 square foot location in Seattle. "One is, "I want something today, I don't want to wait".

But some analysts envision a combination of pick-up centre, fulfilment warehouse and small grocery store.

Seeing as how we all need groceries to, you know, survive, why not try and revolutionize an industry that has been around for a long time, and-so long as humans need food-will more than likely always be around.

"We are encouraged by Amazon's growing footprint in this category, which we see as ripe for potential disruption given younger demos increasingly purchasing food and beverage grocery items via digital channels", wrote Blackledge.

Grocers have been experimenting with automated checkouts for years.

Amazon says there will be well-known brands as well as "special finds we're excited to introduce to customers".

While some may be skeptical that Americans are ready to accept this new grab-and-go concept, younger consumers, in particular, should be quick to adopt the technology, with people of all ages following as the technology and operations prove out.

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