Published: Sun, December 18, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Albertans warned to avoid car-licking moose

Yes, this is a government-issued moose warning sign.

Alberta Parks, the organization that runs the provincial parks system, issued a warning** about the animals approaching vehicles in parking lots and licking salt from the sides of the cars.

There are moose in western Canada, and they have been licking cars.

The CBC news channel states that a female moose weighs an average of 750 pounds (340kg) to 926 pounds (420kg), while a male moose averages between 992 (450kg) and 1,102 pounds (500kg).

"Do not attempt to push moose away from your vehicle while on foot", they warn.

"It was a close encounter; a little intimidating at first but he had kind eyes, very kind eyes, you could just tell his main focus was just to lick the salt off and he was quite enjoying himself, no drama".

Many animals, including moose, have a natural need for salt in order to maintain good health and if there is no natural source available, they will search elsewhere for replenishment.

The Alberta warning is in place until further notice.

If you're traveling in Canada's Alberta Parks and a moose happens to come up to your auto and start licking it, don't panic.

The park is also requesting that guests report any aggressive moose behavior they happen to sight.

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