Published: Wed, November 09, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

United States goes to the polls at last

United States goes to the polls at last

In early voting in states like Nevada, and Florida, there's already evidence of burgeoning Latino turnout. Not only must Trump win every state that Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W Bush won before him, but he must win states that they were not able to win. He could have been talking about any of the earlier-closing states. New Hampshire has come into play for him, but it will only be important if he wins the six primary battleground states. Fifteen states, with 184 electoral votes, are too close to call.

Look for the first burst of results when polls close at 7 Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. Both the House and Senate are now controlled by the Republicans.

Michelle Obama has been in many ways the star of Hillary Clinton's campaign - it was her speech at the Democratic convention that people were still talking about days and weeks later.

Experts said the massive turn out in 2016 general elections in early voting reflects the change in the voting patterns of Americans. Most outlets have Florida being the biggest toss-up state in the country, now showing Trump and Clinton tied at the polls. The Obama campaign put even more emphasis on data science in 2008, and in many ways it was that campaign that wrote the book on modern data-driven campaigning.

Elaine Fowler, a pensioner who travelled from New Jersey to join the rally, said she supported Clinton because she was the most qualified candidate.

The center's latest poll, released Monday, had Clinton up 6.

Pushing for high voter turnout, Clinton's running mate called the election a "history-making race" and said "democracy always works better when people participate".

If African-Americans turn out in huge numbers, Clinton's a likely victor in both places.

We already know what numerous results on Election Day will be.

What else do I need to know about election night? That's about 18 percent of the expected total votes for president. In the past, candidates with the edge in early voting often triumph.

Roughly 45 percent of the electorate are non-college educated white, the core of Trump's base, noted Brookings Institution demographer William Frey.

The other state to watch at this hour is Pennsylvania, which no Republican has carried since 1988.

CNN's most recent electoral map shows Clinton is projected to win 268 electoral votes from states that are solidly blue or leaning in her direction.

Jara Butler, vice president of the Dallas County Young Democrats tells us for that reason, the election means a great deal.

MI and its 16 electoral votes were seen as safe for Clinton until a few days ago.

The final full day of campaigning was dominated by a frenzied travel schedule for both candidates.

Till the filing of this report, Clinton had a slim lead but no one ruled out a Trump win either. So far that's a long shot.

Unsurprisingly, these will be embedded in search results: "You will be able to find United States election results integrated right into your Google searches in more than 30 languages around the world".

All the shifts are inside the margin of error.

"When it comes to Mr. Trump, people still want to know more". Iowa's a bellwether that's been trending Trump. Roughly half the states with advance voting have reported record turnout, including Florida and Nevada, which have booming Hispanic populations, a possible good sign for Clinton. He's benefiting from strong enthusiasm in this land of self-reliance.

They say it's all about stopping Hillary Clinton, who they see as corrupt and untrustworthy. In mid-October, the Emerson College Polling Society found that supporters of conservative Sen.

Hillary Clinton's big advantage in national polls eroded after the Federal Bureau of Investigation intervention 11 days before the election.

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