Published: Sat, November 26, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

UK Follows China Lead to Ratify Paris Climate Deal

New Zealand has signaled its commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change by joining an global program to fast-track the accord, Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett said on Monday. This ideological U-turn follows a series of similar shifts of Trump's rhetoric after being elected. On that count, he was equally equivocal, indicating that he was anxious about "how much [doing something about it] will cost our companies" and the effect on American competitiveness.

Asked about possible violation of the climate agreement by the USA president-elect Donald Trump who has called climate change a "hoax" and just a "very, very expensive form of tax", Ebtekar rendered the claims unlikely as the deal is an global agreement which involves many parties who are determined to save the planet. These concerns range from healthcare to Net Neutrality, to climate change.

Two weeks ago, the United Nations climate talks - COP22 - started in Marrakech, gathering 200 countries to discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Originally against it, he has a very strong stance about the human effects of global warming saying that all the hullabaloo about climate change was nothing but fake news.

Those differences reappeared when respondents were asked whether they agreed that climate change is "a serious and pressing problem" that should be addressed even if there are "significant costs".

Then he noted that he also finds the climate issue interesting because "there are few things where there's more division than climate change".

Trump's previously called global warming a "hoax" perpetuated by the Chinese to hinder US competitiveness, but he took a more moderate tone on the issue during the general election.

Despite indicating a growing openness on man-made climate change being a reality, President-elect Trump had vowed on November 21 to rescind environmental regulations put in place by the Obama administration within his first 100 days in office, according to CNN.

The U.S.'s success in fighting climate change has never been primarily dependent on Washington.

In an agreement, which is believed to be a breakthrough to mitigate climate change impacts than any previous commitments, almost 170 countries signed the Paris climate agreement in Morroco, Marakesh. COP22 reaffirmed the world's commitment to act on climate change, now begins the hard part.

Earlier this month, on the eve of the Paris Agreement coming into force, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim urged action if "we are to have any chance of meeting the goals enshrined in the Agreement".

New Zealand ratified the Paris Agreement, agreed in December previous year, on October 5.

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