Published: Wed, November 16, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Sanders Says He's Willing to Work With Trump

With Democrats able to use filibusters to force the GOP to secure 60 votes on major issues, likely new Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., should often be able to block Republicans, especially on issues Democrats broadly support such as consumer protection and curbs on Wall Street.

Sanders supporters noted it was hard to imagine him losing states like that in the Industrial Midwest.

Will Democrats resist if necessary?

It was Ellison - more than a year ago - who suggested on a Sunday talk show President Trump was a possibility. She was telling Democrats to not give up and little girls, who she highlighted explicitly, to not give up.

But Democrats had a simpler answer for why Clinton lost. Before the election, journalists were writing or getting ready to write circular firing squad articles about the Republicans. They chose to do it by going after Trump.

- An oil billionaire, a North Dakota lawmaker and a former Bush administration official are being considered to run Donald Trump's Energy Department, according to transition planning documents obtained by The Associated Press.

FBI Director James B. Comey told lawmakers on November 6 that the bureau won't recommend charges against Hillary Clinton after reviewing newly discovered emails. She was a weak candidate with tremendous baggage and very high unfavorable ratings.

Yet others believe the blame begins with Clinton and her campaign.

After a devastating loss on Tuesday, Democrats are in a virtual war over their future direction, with activist Adam Green and other populists on the left calling for a "full reckoning" and rejection of the "rigged economy".

So what happened? Mostly, a lot more white, working-class folks (and 7 million fewer Democrats) turned out to vote than anyone expected. He championed the forgotten Americans whom Obama and Clinton dismissed, and he promised that they "will be forgotten no longer". It's possible that Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders might not have had the same problems.

Too bad for Democrats there are zero electoral votes in the State of Denial. They voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, but the African-American vote was down.

Party members are also saying this was not an election about two ideologies. It was young versus old, rural versus urban. The Democratic Party has to be the party of the working class, of the middle class again.

The documents, which are being closely scrutinized by energy lobbyists in Washington, also outline early policy priorities for a Trump administration. But this week, the Republican Party won the presidency, the Senate and the House. Republicans have been excellent at this. They created a path to get the majority back in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections. At the same time, others were put off by the spectacle of their popular President and the First Lady (who has the elegance of a fashion model and the looks of a filmstar) serving nearly as hired hands of Clintons, going from place to place at their bidding.

Rep. Debbie Dingell, (D) MI, says, "In the end they were scared". Kirsten Gillibrand and New Jersey Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen.

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